Week Four Of Your Menstrual Cycle – PreMenstrual
Your Hormones Are Awesome, They Control Your Body

This is the ‘moody‘ premenstrual week when your hormones have a blow out and leave the building! Your mood swings take on a life of their own and you will feel happy, angry, sensitive, sad and moody all at once or one by one! The decrease in oestrogen levels means a reduction in serotonin in […]

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OMG ?Missing A Period?
Missed Period? Might be other reasons than pregnancy...

When your Period thinks it would be hilarious to turn up late, for most of us, it is definitely not a bundle of laughts. When you are used to having regular periods and even when there is Zero possibility that you could be pregnancy, that is exactly what our first thoughts are! So before you […]

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Week Three Of Your Menstrual Cycle – Ovulation
Irritated, Moody & Exhausted

This is the week you ovulate, which causes oestrogen and testosterone to dramatically drop then rise again on the third or fourth day. Progesterone starts to steadily increasing all through the week and because your oestrogen has dipped you will feel moody, irritable and fed up with everything. The rise in progesterone also adds to […]

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How To Get Rid Of Vagina Odours Naturally.
How Should A Vagina Smell?

How should a vagina smell? According to Dr. Ronald D. Blatt, chief surgeon and medical director of the Manhattan Center for Vaginal Surgery he says ‘a healthy vagina should not smell‘. But girls, all know that vaginas often do smell, not a horrible I’m going to faint or throw up smell but they do have their […]

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Week Two Of Your Menstrual Cycle – Follicular
This Week You Feel Amazing!

Your Follicular phase is the week after your period bleed. It lasts one week of your four week, monthly cycle. This week your hormones levels of oestrogen and testosterone keep rising. This means you feel like you have loads of energy and can keep going, burning the candle at both ends! You feel amazing, you […]

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Everything To Know About Your Vagina!
Understanding Your Vagina

As little kids, we are taught our ‘private parts’ are that boys have penises and girls have vaginas. Except that’s not exactly the whole truth. Without even bringing up gender identity, we can safely say that ‘girls’ have a lot of other feminine reproductive organs and they are not just the bits between your legs. To […]

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What Is Your Menstrual Flow?
Very Light Flow you can use Teens or very Light Adult absorbency

All brands (Always, Tampax, Lil-Let’s, Bodyform, Natracare, TOTM, Kind, Carefree & Kotex) of feminine hygiene are made for different Period blood flows. This ranges from  Liners, Teen, Light, Medium, Heavy & Night. But how are you supposed to know, especially if you have only just started your periods, what type of flow you have and […]

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Week One Of Your Menstrual Cycle – Your Period.
Your Menstrual Cycle is Four Weeks Long

Your Period bleed is just one week of your four week, monthly cycle. Due to those pesky hormones, during the month you will see changes in your emotions (moody, angry, sensitive), energy (full tank, empty tank) and attitude (every one annoys you, you love everyone). So let’s explain what is happening, why and how you […]

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Your Reproductive Organs
Reproductive Organs

Learning about your reproductive organs will help you understand the sequence of events which happen, inside your body, every month. When you are born you have two ovaries. This is where your eggs are stored, developed & grow. One egg, sometimes two, are released every month. You have a womb also called Uterus. This is […]

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Your Monthly Menstrual Cycle Expalined
Menstrual Cycle

Many girls hate their periods, hide them and even pretend they it doesn’t exist. Parents don’t always explain about them, schools don’t teach you about them and girls don’t even talk about them! So the here at Bloody-Marvellous are all about your Menstrual Cycle, from your first period to your last then beyond, we can […]

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